Generating a basic hours report

Get a breakdown of total basic hours and pay totals from your payrolls with a basic hours report

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A basic hours report is a breakdown of basic hours and the total basic pay amount for hourly paid employees in your system. The report details how many hours your hourly employees worked for a given payroll period, in addition to summing the total amount paid.

Employees with fixed hours will not appear in the report. However, if you add or replace basic hours for fixed hour employees when calculating for payroll, those employees and their total basic hours will appear in your basic hours reports.

Creating a basic hours report:

  1. In Indigo, go to Payroll & Leave > Reporting > Basic Hours.

  2. Select the payrolls or employees of which you want to generate a basic hours report.

  3. Choose your reporting options in the setup panel.

  4. Click on Generate PDF to create the report.

  • Order - choose whether to order the report by employee code or employee name.

  • Date from/to - select the dates of the report.

  • Summary - tick this box if you want the basic hours report to present the basic hours in a sum total per employee. Leaving this box unchecked will create a detailed basic hours report in which the total hours for each day will be included in the report.

  • Category - choose between status or none. Status will breakdown the report by work schedule profile.

  • Grouping - choose how you want to group data in the report.

If you want Indigo to remember the settings for this report for future uses, check the Remember generated report settings at the bottom of the report setup panel.

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