Generating an Electronic Lodgement

Learn how to generate electronic lodgements from your Indigo Payroll system in this article.

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Processing an Electronic Lodgement

  1. From Indigo, go to Payroll & Leave > Reporting > Electronic Lodgement.​

  2. Click on Insert in the functions bar.

  3. In the Generate Electronic Lodgement pop-up box, select the year and click Generate.

  4. You can then save the SS and F3 file names for the given electronic lodgement.

These files are already in the format required by the government, hence there is no need to open and amend any of the files. You can log on to the CFR Website and submit these files accordingly.

Watch this video from timestamp 05:11 to run through an explanation of the above.

More about

A report is also available to show you what is within the file. This should not be uploaded, however the Electronic Lodgement report totals are very important, as these figures (including the number of employees) should be inserted on the CFR Website. The FS7 figures are not recommended to be used since these figures are rounded, the Electronic Lodgement report has all the accurate totals needed.

Note: If calculations have changed after the Electronic Lodgement generation, you would need to regenerate the Electronic Lodgement by clicking on the Regenerate button.

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