7th April 2021

Indigo | 3D secure payment support, updates to payroll adjustments reports, and enhanced validations for previous employment data.

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Indigo is here and comes loaded with a number of improvements and fixes for both the Payroll and Attendance modules.

This version of Indigo also provides 3D secure payments for bank cards that require them and an update to the payroll adjustments report. There are also enhanced validations for data entered for employees' previous employment that help you report accurate OT tax values.


Indigo platform enhancements

  • Indigo supports 3D secure payments when clients enter card details in the system for subscription payments.

Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • Validation changes to employee previous employment overtime taxation values have been made. You can now enter overtime values in employees' previous employment forms in the system. The system will validate that the tax is 15 percent of the overtime value entered.

  • The payroll adjustments report now includes a column to show the date of each pay item in the report and a new column that shows the number of contributions made for each pay item.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Using filters for the head count report works as expected. There were issues where using filters in this report would cause issues in creating the report.

  • Improvements made to the leave situation report: when grouping by employees, the employees' codes and ID numbers are always visible; employee name columns expanded to fit longer names; the report will show only the grouping levels that you select in the setup panel.

  • Grouping the leave situation report by unit works as expected.

  • When changing a pay item from a contribution-based pay item to an adjustment-based one, the amount field is enabled as expected.

  • Using the Alt + F keyboard shortcut to close filter search bars works as expected.

  • Comments for processed leave entitlements (seen in the Pro Rata Leave Entitlement page) are listed by order of date.

  • Overall performance of widgets in the Employee Portal have been made. We made back-end improvements to the database that result in the widgets performing faster.

  • An issue where the system gave a false warning on existing punches on dates beyond the termination date of an employee has been fixed. The system will not issue this warning by mistake.

Indigo Attendance fixes and improvements

  • A service issue blocking leave from being imported into the Scheduler has been fixed.

  • The correct hourly rates are reported when using the Send to Payroll function as expected.

  • An issue where importing punches for a clocking device would update the device setup with incorrect configuration has been fixed.

  • Erroneous "mandatory field" warning labels will not show when a field is indeed filled in.

  • The filter out function in the Scheduler works as expected; issues in the Scheduler (such as overlapping shifts) are flagged.

  • The Settings option in the Scheduler is always available as designed.

  • The "Cost" column in the Scheduler will not appear for companies that do not have the option enabled after the user switches from using a company that does have the Costings option enabled.

  • The words "Import Errors" are removed from import error txt. files.

  • Shift patterns created in the Shift Pattern settings page are set as created when used in the Scheduler.

  • Imported leave records match the records found in the leave request audit.

  • The Intercom chat icon (our support chat widget) appears in all screen in Attendance.

  • A link to the PDF report of listed "send to payroll" errors is available to you in the Notifications panel.

  • Manual reallocation of shifts by proximity works as expected.

  • Shifts containing issues following the import of leave records in the Scheduler are flagged as having an issue as expected.

  • A UI fix for the header of the labour planning report page has been made.

  • The speed at which shift patterns are allocated in or cleared from the Scheduler has been improved.

  • Weeks in the Scheduler load faster when scrolling ahead or back; the Scheduler renders fully when scrolling to different weeks.

  • Using the search bar in the Scheduler yields results faster than in previous versions thanks to optimizations made in the database of the system.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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