17th May 2021

Indigo | Column selector added to Clocking Data page in Attendance

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Indigo introduces a column selector for the Clocking Data page in Indigo Attendance and several other fixes and improvements to the attendance tracking module. Indigo Payroll received fixes for the pro-rata leave entitlement functionality.

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Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • The pro-rata leave entitlement functionality applies entitlements to employees whose codes start with a space.

  • Pro-rata paid leave is calculated correctly as expected.

  • A permission error message that appeared after loading the leave cancellation window in the Employee Portal has been removed.

Indigo Attendance enhancements

  • You can now select the columns that you want to show in your Clockings Data page. Clicking the settings button (cogwheel button) in the top-right corner of the page will open a list of all columns available in the page.

Indigo Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Ticking the Include Public Holidays box for punches weekly reports will include public holidays as expected.

  • Leave hours appears in punches weekly reports when the Include Leave Hours option is ticked.

  • Cancelling the import of clocking data works as expected.

  • Employee absences during paid breaks count towards the total absence time as expected.

  • Leave types appear in payroll reports as expected.

  • There was an issue where users could allocate a copied shift for terminated employees. This has been fixed, and the Scheduler behaves as designed in this regard.

  • Dynamic breaks are now ignored for Schedulers of shift type off or leave during the attendance exceptions calculation.

  • Sorting columns in the Scheduler remains as last selected following a page refresh as expected.

  • Cost centres for detached shifts are displayed as expected.

  • Deleting allocations after navigating to them using the arrow keys on the keyboards works again.

  • UI fixes made to the Scheduler. There were instances where days of the week were not shown correctly in the grid.

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