The attendance reconciliation report allows you to reconcile employee attendance for a particular period of time based on the allocations done within T&A. The report can be made in summary or in detail.

  • Date from/to - enter the date range for this report.

  • Summary only - check this box if you want the report to be generated as a summary only. Summary will only display the report groups' totals without displaying the shift attendance details.

  • Time format - choose how you want time to be represented in the report.

  • Subcontracted employees only - check this box if you only want to include sub-contracted employees in the report.

  • Exclude pending leave records - check this box if you want to exclude pending leave leave records in your system from the report.

  • Show employees with - choose whether to show all employees in your report, or whether to show those with positive, negative, or no differences in their allocations.

  • Sort order - choose to order employees in your report by their code or their full name.

  • Grouping - choose how you want to group employees by levels in this report.

If you want Indigo to remember the settings for this report for future uses, check the Remember generated report settings at the bottom of the report setup panel.

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