15th July 2021

Indigo | The 100th Indigo update adds background allocation updating, report payroll values by pay period range, and more.

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We are very pleased to present to you the 100th update to your Indigo Suite. Our team over the past five years has put in so much love and effort into Indigo Payroll and Attendance modules to make your business workflow easier and more enjoyable.

This 100th update includes enhancements for both Payroll and Attendance. In Payroll, you will find a new grouping option in detailed payroll reports to report on net values from a range of payroll periods for your employees. This gives you the ability to report on net payments to employees within a range of pay periods.

In Attendance, we have added a new accessibility option for shifts, rewards, and penalties: work schedule profiles.

There are also two new options for you to enable that will have the system automatically recalculate attendance allocations.

Finally, for Attendance, you can now choose to recalculate attendance exceptions for select employees only, rather than for all employees at one go.

Thank you for choosing Indigo as your payroll, leave, and attendance management solution. We have a number of other fixes and improvements included in this update. They are listed below.


Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • You can now report on net values from a range of payroll per employee in your detailed payroll reports. The option to print detailed payroll reports in this manner is controlled by the "Employee" grouping option (and when Summary is enabled).

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Deleting a FS5 will delete it from all relevant places.

  • The sort order in the Leave Situation Report is now working correctly.

  • Issues with the OT Concessions Tax Profile Gross Amount field in payroll reports not being populated have been fixed.

  • The system will not let you finalise a payroll prior to recalculating employees whose leave had been paid off.

  • Issues with cancelling multiple leave entries in the Employee Portal have been fixed. No errors should be produced in these instances.

Indigo Time and Attendance enhancements

  • We have added a new option by which shift presets, rewards, and penalties can be made accessible. You can choose to make these presets accessible by work schedule profile.

  • You can now recalculate attendance exceptions for single or selected employees in the Resolve Attendance Exceptions screen. The option to recalculate selected employees is found in Menu at the top of the page.

  • For enhanced user experience, we have added two options that will have the system automatically recalculate allocations when Scheduler or clocking changes are made. You can enable this options in Payroll > Settings > Time and Attendance > Allocations.

Indigo Time and Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Discrepancies in clocked working hours shown in the Indigo Mobile app and Indigo Attendance have been fixed.

  • Tracked breaks are more accurately considered for flexible shifts. Breaks will be deducted from the actual amount of the break rather than at the start of at the end of the break.

  • We have improved the system to recognise when split shifts are detached with timings that do not overlap with each other in the Scheduler.

  • Dates for overtime in allocations reports show as expected.

  • Allocation dates for Leave Entitlement will show in allocation reports as expected.

  • The Cost Centre Description column in the Allocation Report now displays as expected.

  • Consecutive out and in punches are merged as one punch in your clockings records.

  • Users with rights to view basic pays in the system will see total values in the allocation report as expected.

  • All pop-up messages in the footer of the screens in Indigo Attendance will have the x button to close the message as expected.

  • We have made functionality improvements to the replace shift command in the Scheduler.

  • Updating a detach shift by clicking will update and close the window and return you to the Scheduler.

Indigo Help Menu fixes and improvements

  • Links to Indigo Training Videos and Employee Portals tutorials are visible to the relevant user in the Indigo help menu.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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