2nd August 2021

Indigo | Over-time indicator in the Scheduler, new Excess time setting in Allocations

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With Indigo we have several improvements and fixes for the Payroll and Attendance modules.

Our team has been working hard to make your experience using Indigo even better, with faster synchronisation of calculation grids, as well as fixes to user filters and pop-up messages. In the Clockings section, we have made some improvements that will ensure the interface is more user-friendly.

Read on for more detail about all the good things in this latest version of Indigo Suite.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • When a user has record filters and exports a payroll to SFM, this will now work as expected.

  • Clicking the keyboard shortcut ESC will close popups in the Calculation screen.

  • Using company filters for various reports works as expected. There were cases where using such filters would cause issues in creating some reports.

  • Sick Leave Requests will now show as expected in the Sick Leave Audit & Request screens when company filters are used.

  • In the Staff Turnover Report, the Period To field works correctly and will no longer be affected by changes to the Period From field.

Indigo Attendance enhancements

  • When you mark a standard shift as an Over-Time shift through the scheduler, the shift name will show a suffix -O/T for easy identification.

  • We have included a new setting in Allocations. When the time clocked in is outside of the scheduled shift, the system will register this as a separate Unscheduled Attendance, rather than including this in the current allocation. You can enable this in Payroll > Settings > Time and Attendance > Allocations.

Indigo Attendance fixes and improvements

  • The Rostered Hours Validation Report will generate as expected when the setting 'deduct absence from Leave' is selected.

  • Scheduler Costings have been improved when Rewards are associated with Hourly or Salaried employees only.

  • The information in error messages in the Clockin Data screen has been improved.

  • Overlapping buttons have been fixed and will appear as they should in the Import Clocking Data screen.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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