17th August 2021

Indigo | Emergency Contacts, Attendance notifications, report filtering and sort order, and more

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You asked, and we listened! New features across both Payroll and Time & Attendance modules have been rolled out this release, making it easier to stay up-to-date, and facilitating report options including filters and sort order.

Keep reading to find out what other good things are included in this release!

Indigo Platform

  • Users should be advised that issues with subscription renewals have been remedied.

Payroll Enhancements

  • We have added a new Emergency Contact Details section to the employee profile screen.

  1. Emergency Contact Details can be filled in by the Payroll user via the Employees tab in the Payroll module:

  2. When the Emergency Contact Details section is collapsed, the emergency contacts' names and numbers are visible for quick viewing:

  3. The employee can request changes through the My Profile widget in the employee dashboard by clicking the edit icon near the individual fields and entering the edits required, or by clicking the Request Change button and writing the information in the 'Request change message' box, and then clicking Submit:


  • You can now filter any employee's Leave History to show only requests for the Current Payroll Year.

  1. Go to the Employees screen in Payroll.

  2. Select the Leave History tab.

  3. Click on the Toggle Sidebar in the tool bar.

  4. Click the Current Payroll Year button under System Filter.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • Importing employee details via Excel will no longer allow changes to payroll frequency if the employee has at least one finalised payroll.

  • When issuing the Maternity Leave Fund Report by the Payroll filter, the report generated will only show details related to the selected payroll, as expected.

  • The OT Concession is being deducted correctly when calculating Gross from Previous Employment in the next payroll.

  • We have improved email notifications to the next authoriser if the primary authoriser is on leave when a leave application falls on the same date.

  • The field for OT Concession Hours in the Previous Employment tab has been modified to accept numbers up to two decimal places.

Time & Attendance Enhancements

  • The Notification flag is now available on all T&A screens:

  • The Scheduler will now show a warning when scheduling an employee who is not entitled to overtime for a shift with an OT reward. In such cases, hovering the cursor over the exclamation mark will display the reason for the issue.

  • The following Attendance reports can now be sorted by Employee Code or Employee Name:

    1. Punches Details

    2. Allocation Return - Detailed & Summary

    3. Allocations

    4. Punches Summary

    5. Punches Exceptions

    6. Punches Weekly

    7. Scheduled Hours - Detailed

    8. Late Arrival / Early Departure

    9. Scheduled Hours Validation

  • We have added several columns to the Resolve Attendance Exceptions screen, for you to select as required from the Settings icon:

    • Employment Type

    • Employment Type Code

    • Work Schedule Profile

    • Work Schedule Profile Code

    • Termination Date

    • Has Overtime

  • Send to Payroll now supports sending pay items, leave & overtime for terminated employees for the payroll period until the termination while ignoring the posting periods. You can activate this by ticking the box for 'Send allocations for terminated employees based on payroll dates'.

  • In Clockings Data, a calendar feature has been added to the date field so that you can pick the date with your mouse instead of typing it in.

Time & Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • When adding a new shift to the Scheduler, any clashes with adjacent shifts will be highlighted in all affected shifts.

  • Importing shifts via Excel to the Scheduler functions correctly again for both Rewards and Break Validations.

  • When selecting a date range in the Allocations Return report, the Date To field time is now set to 23:59 by default, so you no longer need to set it yourself to ensure the Date To specified is included in the report.

  • Adding rewards in Resolve Attendance Exceptions are calculated properly again when Add Leave Entitlement per hour is allocated.

  • When a shift with two breaks is allocated, the calculation for total time worked has been remedied in the Resolve Attendance Exceptions screen, so the total break time is deducted from the total time logged.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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