1st September 2021

Indigo | New Clocking and Scheduler widgets

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We have 2 new widgets available on our Employee Portal to help employees log their hours and keep track of their schedules, namely the Clocking and Scheduler widgets.

The team has also been working on the Leave Heat Map, visibility of information in the Scheduler, and a host of other improvements to make your experience with Indigo as smooth as possible.

Read on to learn more.

  • Clocking Widget

With the Clocking widget, users can clock in and clock out directly from their Employee Portal without having to use a clocking device.

  • Scheduler Widget

The Scheduler widget allows users to view their schedule and their listed clockings.

To find out more about how these widgets work and are configured, check out this article.

Payroll Enhancements

  • The Leave Heat Map can now also be filtered by Cost Centre or Occupation.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • You can now Generate Payslips even if deleted calculation records exist.

  • When employees have a mid-month increase, the correct amount for Basic Pay and Salary will show in the Payroll Detailed Report.

  • Clicking on Publish Selected will work as anticipated when selecting a large number of Payslips.

  • The Payslip in the Calculation screen will only be updated once all Pay Items have been entered and the Pay Item pop-up is closed.

  • When editing an employee, the Basic Pay field displays as expected.

  • In Employees, Copy and Paste functions again in List view.

  • In Payroll Calculations, we improved the drop-down list in Pay Item Look-up.

Time and Attendance Enhancements

  • The column headers for public holidays are now highlighted in the Scheduler for easy reference. Hovering over the date will display the name of the public holiday.

  • When an entry in the Scheduler contains a remark, this will show in the form of a dot in the upper right corner of the entry. Hovering over this dot will display the remark.

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • When printing schedules, cells featuring hours for hourly paid employees will be highlighted in yellow, just as they appear in the Schedule on Indigo.

  • The scroll bar in the drop-down list of shift presets works as expected when entering a shift preset in the Scheduler.

  • The audit trail for Leave Entitlement has been improved when allocating extra hours as leave entitlement.

  • After saving changes to an Allocation for an employee in Resolve Attendance Exceptions, the Occupation and Cost Centre fields will remain visible.

  • A new option has been added to the Attendance Reconciliation Report. When enabling this option, any leave taken will be deducted from absence of shifts from the same day. For reference purposes, the leave entry showing 0 hours will still be shown in the report.

  • Selecting a different company while on Shift Presets, Rewards, or Penalties, will no longer open a new entry but will show the list of existing ones instead.

  • The Scheduled Hours Report groups by Cost Centre again.

  • When Importing Clockings, the Clocking In and Clocking Out pairings have been refined.

  • Browser window titles for T&A pages now show the page name, for example, Time & Attendance - Scheduler.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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