16th September 2021

Indigo | Increased security for Indigo; Clockings shown in the Scheduler

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Indigo brings you more updates to the Payroll and Time & Attendance modules to continue making your work easier.

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Platform Enhancements

  • To further safeguard users' privacy we have increased security protection against XSS (Cross Site Scripting) attacks.

Payroll Enhancements

  • A new option for Hourly Value has been added to the Employee Salary Package drop-down.

  • On the Payslip, if no ID number is available in the Employee Details, then the tax registration number will be displayed instead.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • We have improved Filters in Payroll Groups so that employees are calculated in the proper payroll groups.

  • The Date column in the Leave History Report is shown in date format when exported to Excel.

  • When changing Payroll Report to Detailed, Gross, or Monthly, the user settings are saved.

  • The Bonus Accruals Total in the Leave Accruals Report displays as expected.

  • Bulk Upload of attachments is working as intended.

Time and Attendance Enhancements

  • Employees' Clockings can be viewed in the Scheduler. A clock icon will appear on the bottom right of the employees' name cells. Clicking on this will bring up an employee's clocking information for that week. Night shift clockings for the Sunday or Monday before or after the week are shown in yellow.

  • Hourly Paid employees are now highlighted in Attendance Exceptions just as they are in the Scheduler for easy identification at a glance.

  • You can now choose to have Background Colours included in the Scheduler printout. After clicking Print, simply select the option 'Show Background Colours' in the pop-up.

  • We have added a new option in the Scheduler that enables you to Refresh Issues for the current week should you require it:

  • You can now log out and view your user account profile from the T&A pages without having to return to the Main page or to a Payroll screen.

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • The Allocation Report can now be issued for one day.

  • The Remarks marker in the Scheduler displays as expected in the top right corner of the cell.

  • In the Scheduler, you can now delete a large number of entries selected on the same day, even when the selection contains schedule/leave records imported from Payroll.

  • The scroll bar in the Scheduler's list of shifts is operating as expected again.

  • The Punches Details and Punches Summary reports' default dates have been changed to run from the first day of the current month to date.

  • Minor improvements have been made to Clocking Data screens.

  • The Late Arrival / Early Departure Report is generating in Excel as expected; when generating as PDF, the date range is displayed in the header.

  • We optimised the error-handling during the automated import of Clocking Data.

  • We have improved the allocation of Clockings to schedulers that contained a missing clock-in.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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