11th October 2021

Indigo | Changes to Leave History report, Employer VOPS tab, and punch card number information in Clocking Data

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Hello there,

Update sees an array of improvements and solutions that the team has put together to keep making work easier for you.

We have made two changes in Payroll with Excel users in mind: a column for Reference is now present in the Excel export of the Leave History report, and it is now possible to import via Excel in the Employer VOPS tab.

Time and Attendance users whose employees use punch cards can now search by punch card numbers, thanks to the addition of new columns to the Clocking Data grid.

For more detail on the above, and to learn about other fixes in this update, keep on reading!



  • Security measures while retrieving an Access Token have been enhanced.

  • The API key will only be visible upon creation. The user should keep this key secure. If you need to view the API key again in Indigo, please contact Shireburn Support.

Payroll/Leave Enhancements

  • The Leave History report now contains a column for Reference when exporting to Excel.

  • Under the Employer VOPS tab in the Employee screen, users can now import via Excel.

Payroll/Leave Fixes and Improvements

  • When Leave Paid Off entry is deleted, it then regenerates with its original values as expected.

  • When printing all Payslips in a payroll, each payslip will now have an individual QR code.

  • Payroll Finalisation has been further optimised to avoid time-outs.

  • Resubmitting Leave Requests now works for all employees.

  • The Organisation Chart now displays correctly when a User filter is enabled for a specific company.

  • The Publish Payslips process has been optimised to cater for a large number of payslips.

Time and Attendance Enhancements

  • New columns for Punch Card Number have been added to the column selector list in Clocking Data. Selecting these columns in your grid allows you to search for employees by their punch card numbers.

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • Clicking on Edit in Resolve Attendance Exceptions shows Allocations and Clockings information as expected.

  • The column selector list in Clocking Data and Attendance Exceptions now closes after clicking outside of the menu.

  • Costings in the Scheduler are working as expected when only Overtime Costings are enabled.

  • Basic hours are no longer duplicated when a Change Hourly Rate reward is assigned to hourly paid employees.

  • The recycle bin (delete) option in the Rewards and Penalties screens has been updated to include the label 'Delete'.

  • In the Allocations Report, the 'Leave Type Code' column has been renamed 'Leave Type'. Allocations that fall under 'Vacation by Priority' will now be shown in this column as 'Vacation by Priority' instead of being left blank.

  • All mandatory fields in Penalty Presets have been indicated using an asterisk ( * ) beside the field title.

  • In the Scheduler, the icon to close the filter bar has been changed from X to the below.

  • In the Time and Attendance option of the Settings menu, after clicking 'Save', all ticked options are now greyed out.

  • We have removed unnecessary options from the toolbar in all Time & Attendance settings menu options.

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