3rd November 2021

Indigo | 2022 Leave, updates to Reporting widget, the Scheduler, and more

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Welcome to Indigo!

In this latest update, our team has made many useful tweaks to the system that streamline the interface and improve overall user experience.

To prepare for the upcoming new year, we have sorted out Leave settings for 2022 so that you and your employees can book any planned time off from now - say, for that holiday you've been putting off.

The Reporting widget has two reports added to help employees keep track of their punches. Speaking of punches, T&A users will be pleased to see they can now access Punches reports directly from the Clocking Data screen, without navigating back to the main menu screen.

These, and many more enhancements await! Read on to learn more.

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Payroll Enhancements

  • We have created Leave Types and Leave Entitlement Profiles for 2022, so you can now utilise these as needed.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • General Partners' leave applications will now only be automatically approved if the self-approve option is ticked in the Employee screen.

  • We have added the 'SchmeNm' field to SEB Bank SEPA files to improve compatibility with National SEB Banks.

  • When inputting Overtime in the calculation screen for an employee who has the Default OT Pay Item set to Overtime @ Rate/Hr, the rate field can now be edited.

Time and Attendance Enhancements

  • The warning message in the Scheduled Hours report will only appear when ticking 'Show Costs', and has been moved to the bottom of the Options section.

  • When importing Punches, the completion message now includes the number of imported records.

  • When creating a new Shift, default timings will now be 08:00-17:00, with the Break and Break Flex default timings as 12:00-13:00.

  • It is now possible to duplicate existing Shift Presets, Rewards and Penalties, by clicking on the new Copy button.

  • In the Scheduler, the notification message in the bottom left corner is now cleared when clicking on the filter icon or in the search bar.

  • You can now access Punches reports directly from the Clocking Data screen, via the new Reports menu.

  • In Rewards and Penalties, the ensuing pop-up when clicking 'Assign to shift presets' will now display options in alphabetical order.

  • The Punches Details and Punches Summary reports are now available in the Reporting widget of the Employee Portal. Users must have the report permissions assigned to make use of these reports.

  • We have optimised the fit of the Edit and Add Clockings screen for various screen resolutions.

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • All personalised column settings across T&A will still remain in place after clearing the cache.

  • In Attendance Exceptions, the Multiplier validation has been improved.

  • When a long list of errors is generated while Importing Clocking Data, this will be shown in a scrollable pop-up with the option to download a file to view the full list of errors.

  • When a row in the Scheduler is empty, it will now also be blank under the 'Basic hrs Overtime' and 'Cost (EUR)' columns.

  • Extra icons have been removed from the Clocking Devices screen header.

  • Reporting of Public Holidays is again functioning properly in the Punches Weekly Report.

  • The side bar has been amended in the Punches Details, Punches Summary, and Punches Exceptions reports to show the Options category first. The 'Summary' option in the same side bar has been removed for the Punches Summary report.

  • When a user without the right permission clicks 'Quick Edit' in the Scheduler, the 'Quick Edit' panel will close and an error message will alert the user as to what permission is missing.

  • The costings functionality in the Scheduler has been further improved when having rewards related to specific days of the week.

  • In Attendance Exceptions, the Untracked Flexi Break has been improved for Flexi Attendance Shifts.

  • In Import Clocking Data, users will be advised by the system that the device name for a new clocking device cannot be 'New Device' and will not allow them to continue before entering a different name in the field 'Device name'.


We have added new Payroll APIs that allow users to request data regarding Leave Entitlement, declining and approving Leave Requests.

For further detail, please refer to the Shireburn Indigo API Developer portal.

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