18th November 2021

Indigo | New options in Previous Employment OT Concession Value, Detailed Payroll Report, Scheduler Import and Printing, and more

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Hello again!

For our latest update, the Indigo team brings you a bundle of developments to cater to your ongoing Payroll and T&A needs.

In Payroll, we continue to facilitate adherence to the 2022 Malta Budget measures, while adding to existing functions such as Payslips, Reports, and SEPA payments.

For Time and Attendance, we have included more options in several places like the Scheduler, Penalty and Shift Presets, Clocking Devices, and others, to further improve usability.

Read on to find out all the good stuff that makes up this latest update!

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Payroll Enhancements

  • In keeping with the Overtime Annual Concession Capping announced in the 2022 Malta Budget, a new field for Overtime Concession Value has been added to the Employee Previous Main Employment section in the Previous Employment tab.

  • A new grouping option for 'Company' has been added in the Summary of the Detailed Payroll Excel report, which allows users to report multiple payrolls in the same report.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • The Leave History report works as intended again when ticking Write Off or Pay Off.

  • Leave applied on behalf of an employee by an authoriser is being auto-approved again.

  • Downloading password-protected payslips is working correctly again.

  • After the 10K split for regular part-timers, the number of employees in the FS5 shows correctly again.

  • In line with new BOV Direct Credit File validations, all grave and acute accents in addresses and names, including surnames, will now be automatically replaced by apostrophes in order to avoid rejections.

  • MeDirect SEPA files can now be generated for bank account numbers containing letters.

  • SEPA direct credit payments can now also be made through TrustPay.

  • When linking a pre-existing user to a new employee, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Time and Attendance Enhancements

  • We have added a search bar to the company selector in all T&A screens.

  • A new option called 'Reject All on Error' has been added to the Scheduler Import box, which allows you to reject the whole file when any errors are found in the Scheduler import file.

  • A new option to show the Remarks Indicator has been added when printing the Scheduler in PDF.

  • We have added an option for Rate/hour in the Multiplier dropdown menu in Penalties.

  • The 'Assign Shifts' button in Penalty Presets' Conditions has been implemented as intended.

  • When ticking the 'Basic Hours' option in the Allocations report, results for hours will be split into columns for Add and Replace.

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • All T&A Date and Range Selectors now start from Monday as the first day of the week for consistency with Payroll.

  • The warning for leaving the Hourly Rate field empty in the Scheduler Settings now triggers immediately upon moving to a new cell, instead of after clicking 'Update'.

  • The Scheduled Hours Validation report now has the same title when generated as a PDF.

  • Saving shift accessibility in Shift Presets is working as intended again.

  • Reconfiguring an existing Clocking Device from the Import Clocking Screen works as expected.

  • Display of error messages when creating a new Clocking Device has been improved.

  • Intermediate clockings which overlap across multiple shifts on two consecutive days will now be allocated correctly when enabling the new setting under Payroll > Settings > T&A > Allocations > Intermediate Clockings Section.


  • The Create and Update Employee APIs now function as intended again.

  • We have updated our APIs so that more detailed information about the leave authorisers for a particular employee can be retrieved.

  • A new API endpoint has been created to retrieve overlapping leave requests by the leave authoriser.

For further detail, please refer to the Shireburn Indigo API Developer portal.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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