The Leave Accruals Report

The Leave Accruals report, explained

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Indigo offers a report for all leave accrued. Leave accrued is the amount of leave time that an employee earned as per a company’s employee benefits policy, but which has not yet been used or paid.

The report can be found under Reporting in Indigo Payroll and Leave:

Report Options

Main Options

  • Date from & to: Date range from which the accrued leave will count.

  • Leave type: Leave type to be accrued.

  • Include NI: Includes NI in the employee's daily rate

  • Include Bonus: Includes Bonus in the report's daily rate

  • Report in: base the report on days or hours.

  • Order: by which order the report will be sorted

Accumulated Options

The following fields are optional and they are used to grab all accumulated leave and add it to the report. Note that all accumulated leave will be merged together in the report under one column.

  • Leave type: You can add a previous year leave type to be accumulated here along with the main leave.

  • Leave tag: This is an optional feature which allows you to tag accumulated leave from previous years with the same tag so that they can be added together in this report. To add a tag, go to Payroll and Leave > Leave Types, double-click the desired leave type, and at the bottom click the 'Add Tag' button.

Public Holidays Options

This is also an optional field to insert public holiday accrued in the report if you are using a leave type for it.

Leave type: If you are using a Public Holiday entitlement you may enter this entitlement here so that it adds up with the rest of the report.

Once you have determined the kind of options you would like, you can generate the report. Here is an example of a standard report, and a glossary of the columns.

  • Employee: Employee code and name

  • VAC19 Ent.: Full leave entitlement for year 2019

  • VAC19 Ent. To Date: Entitlement up to the date of the report, in this case 14/05/2019, calculated by the number of days to date. (example: 133 days worked until 14th May divided by 365 = 36.71% of 25 days = 9.11 days)

  • Total Taken To Date: Leave days taken to date. (example: till 14/05/2019)

  • Entitlement less Taken: Total entitlement to date, with the number of taken leave days deducted.

  • Daily Rate: employee's daily rate depending on their basic pay. There is also an option to include SSC & Bonus to the daily rate here.

  • Total Value: the total amount of leave the company owes the employee to date. This is calculated by multiplying the last 2 columns. The value can be negative if the employee took too much leave.

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