2nd December 2021 | New Penalty Rule for Deduct Allowance (formula), added Co-habiting option to Civil Status

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Our latest update contains a variety of minor but useful changes and improvements that continue making Indigo the best it can be. The biggest changes include a new Penalty Rule for Deduct Allowance (formula), a new modal showing options in the Awards and Penalty Presets, and the addition of a 'Co-habiting' option under Civil Status.

Read on for more details on update!

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  • We have changed our up-time and command progress icons in our footer bar to the following:

Payroll Enhancements

  • In the Employee Profile, we have added 'Co-habiting' to the drop-down options in the Civil Status field.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • When creating a new Employee without entering an employment date and filling in the Leave Entitlement Profile, the system will alert the user that the Work Schedule Profile must also be filled in.

  • Validations of the Date of Birth field in the Employee Profile have been improved.

  • Special characters are now supported in Employee Payslip passwords.

  • We have improved functionality for the Filter function in the Payroll Calculation grid.

  • We have removed the time entry in the Audit Log report for Basic Pay Effective Dates.

Time and Attendance Enhancements

  • We have added a new Penalty Rule called Deduct Allowance (formula).

    Clicking on the help (?) icon next to the Formula field will open an explanation box to help you understand how to build the formula.

    The resulting adjustment is shown in the negative in the Payroll Preview Report and in Payroll.

  • A pop-up now appears when clicking on 'Add Allowance' or 'Add Overtime' in Award Presets, and 'Deduct Allowance' in Penalty Presets.

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • In Send to Payroll, Monetary Deduction now takes into consideration Pay Items with Basic Pay group.

  • The Multiplier rate in Penalty Presets will only allow entry of figures up to two decimal places.

  • Automated calculations in Clockings and Allocations have been improved to reduce overlapping clockings.

  • Remarks added to the Scheduler using the Quick Edit function now show without having to refresh the page.


  • We have added a new API to handle Pending Leave Requests Waiting Approval.

  • The paramenter name previously called 'Applicant' in the Cancel Leave Request API has been changed to 'EmployeeCode'.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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