What is BambooHR Leave Integration?

Edit Mappings


What is BambooHR Leave Integration?

BambooHR Integration allows you to export leave from Indigo to BambooHR and sync information between Indigo and Bamboo.

To use this function, you must first get an API User, API Key, and API URL from BambooHR and enter them into Indigo.

  1. After getting the API information from BambooHR, go to Payroll > Settings > Payroll > Integrations > Bamboo HR.

  2. Click 'Edit'.

  3. Enter the information in API User, API Key, and API URL.

  4. Click 'Save'.

Once you have saved the API information, you can go ahead and use the Leave Integration. Go to Payroll > Leave Integrations.

If the API information has not been saved, Indigo will prompt you as follows:

If you entered the API information, the following will load:

When BambooHR Integration has been set up previously, the screen will appear as below informing you how many integrations have been performed, showing the status of your API key, and giving the date and time of the last integration. From here you can either 1) Edit Mappings, or 2) Resync.

Edit Mappings

You will need to map the BambooHR leave types to your Indigo leave types.

  1. Click 'Edit Mappings'.

  2. Enter the respective leave type codes (found in BambooHR) into the corresponding fields. You can toggle the 'Not Set' switch to filter for any fields that are not already set, so as to map new leave types that have been created after the first sync.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Choose the date until which to sync and then click Export.

  5. The export process will be carried out and you can return to the main page while Indigo processes the export.

  6. Indigo will notify you when the sync is complete, with the option to download a report to view what was synced.


Resync allows you to sync your Indigo and BambooHR leave data.

  1. After clicking Resync, select the date from which you want to start the data sync, then click Next.

  2. Repeat steps 2 through 6 from Edit Mappings above.

Tip: Bamboo HR doesn't support cancellation of leave applied and approved that has passed, via API, but cancellation of such can done manually via Bamboo.

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