Setting Up Permission Sets
Give Users Rights to Access Functions
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The Administration section allows you to manage and configure Indigo Payroll.

What are Permission Sets?

Permission sets allow you to decide which users get access to which functions in Shireburn Indigo.

What are Permission Sets used for?

Each key function within Indigo has a permission assigned to it which can grant a user access to that function. By assigning Permission Sets to users, any users who are a member of that group get access to the functions afforded by the Permission Set.

There are three tabs:

  • Permission Sets: lists the full permission sets available in the system.

  • Assigned Permissions: lists only those permissions that have been assigned to the user.

  • Unassigned Permissions: lists those permissions that have not been assigned to the user.

Assigning Permissions

Permissions are assigned from the Unassigned Permissions screen, accessible from the tab of the same name.

Entity Actions

  • View: allows the user to view data (but not add new records or edit and delete existing ones).

  • Insert: allows the user to add new records.

  • Update: allows the user to edit existing records.

  • Delete: allows the user to delete existing records.

  • Import: allows the user to import data.

  • Export: allows the user to export data from the grid.

Report Actions

  • Execute: allows the user to run the command.

  • View: allows the user to view the result of the executed command.

Editing Permissions

Permissions assigned to a group can be edited from the Assigned Permissions tab. To edit the actions of a permission, click on the permission and then click on edit.

Removing Permissions

To remove a permission, select the permission you would like to remove from the Assigned Permissions tab and click on delete.

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