User Groups in Indigo

Managing User Groups

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What are User Groups?

User Groups allow Indigo Payroll users to be grouped together, allowing Dashboards and Reports to be shared more easily with multiple users. You can find them by going to Administration > Main > User Groups.

What are User Groups used for?

User Groups work allow Dashboards and Reports to be shared with all the members of a particular group

Adding a new User Group

To create a new User group, click the Insert icon.

  • Code: A unique reference code for the User Group.

  • Description: A description of the User Group

  • Users: Select the users you would like to add to the User Group

When ready click Save.

Editing an existing user Group

To edit an existing User Group, highlight the group by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting an existing User Group

To delete an existing User Group highlight the group and click on Delete.

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