Setting up Users on Payroll

Set up User Accounts for use within Shireburn Indigo Payroll

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The Administration section allows you to manage and configure Indigo Payroll. You can find the Users functionality in Administration > Main.

Users gives you a list of users, and allows you to set up users that are registered and able to log in on Shireburn Indigo Payroll.

What are Users used for?

Users listed here can access Shireburn Indigo Payroll and any of the functions they are granted access to in their profile page. After creating a User, it can be linked to an existing Employee.

Adding new Users

Before adding a new user, kindly ensure you have the required number of licenses from Shireburn Software. To add a new user, click on the Users icon from the Administration screen, followed by the Insert icon.

User Details

  • Username: Enter the username the user will use to access Indigo Payroll.

  • First name: User's first name.

  • Last name: User's last name.

  • Email: User's email address.

Set or Change User Password

To change or set a user's password, use the Change Password form as shown in the screenshot above. Simply enter the new password in the Password field and confirm by re-entering the password in the Confirm Password field. Click Save (Enter) to save changes.

User Information

  • To activate a user account tick Active.

  • To lock a user account tick Locked

User Companies: If your installation has multiple companies, you can assign users more than one company, giving them the option to work on multiple companies. To grant a user access to companies simply tick the ones you would like to give the user access to as available under User Companies and click on Save (Enter) to save changes. The user will need to log out and back in to see any changes applied to their profile.

User Roles: Define whether a user gets access to both Portal and Payroll functions or just the portal.

  • To grant user access to both Portal and Payroll functions, tick Admin.

  • To grant user access to Portal only, tick Employee

User Permission Sets: These offer a convenient way to assign users multiple permissions by grouping any number of permissions under one group. To assign a user permission sets, tick the appropriate sets under User Permission Sets and click on Save (Enter) to save changes. The user will need to log out and back in to see any changes applied to their profile. Click here to read more about Permission Sets.

User Groups: Select the User Groups you would like the user to be a member of. Click here to read more about User Groups.

After creating the User, you can link the User to an existing Employee.

Editing an Existing User

To edit an existing User, highlight the user by clicking once on the respective row and then click Edit.

Deleting an Existing User

To delete an existing user, highlight the user and click Delete.

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