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Register Employees prior to Employment with Limited Information

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Employee Onboarding is an optional process that lets you register an employee in the system before they start their employment with the company when limited employee and employment information is available. To this end, Employee Onboarding requires just four fields be filled in as explained below.

Required fields

  • Code: Employee’s unique code.

    • This must be unique to each employee across the group of companies. Some code examples include: BORGJ for Borg Joseph or BOR001. Please avoid codes with leading zeros as this might interfere with data import/export to Excel.

  • Name: The employee’s name.

  • Surname: The employee’s surname.

  • Date of birth: The employee’s birth date.

    • This information is used when calculating Social Security contributions rates and categories.

Tags can be used to further organise and manage employees. Read more about tags here.

Starting the onboarding process

  1. To view current employees registered in Indigo HR or start a new onboarding process, click on the "Employees" button from the Payroll tab. Note: This will take you to the main Employee screen where you can view, edit, create and delete Employees. If you are unfamiliar with the Indigo HR screen layout, visit the Screen Layout article.

  2. Click on the Insert button to start a new onboarding process.

  3. Insert information in the required fields, posted above.

  4. Once ready, click on the save icon. To move on with the process, click here.

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