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Using SpeedFace V4L with Device Manager
Using SpeedFace V4L with Device Manager

Learn how to use the SpeedFace V4L device for clocking in and out with Indigo's Device Manager module

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Accessing the Main Menu

  1. When the device is on standby, press the Menu button (the icon with three horizontal lines).

  2. When asked to verify, enter your User ID.

  3. Select the authentication method to use.

  4. Once logged in, you will be taken to the main menu.

Communication Settings Sub-Menu

  1. After logging in to the main menu, select the third icon labelled Comm.

  2. This will open the following sub-menu:

  3. Select 'Ethernet'. This will take you to the Ethernet profile.

  4. Edit the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS, TCP COMM.Port from here.

TOP TIP: We recommend you keep the DHCP switched on!

User Management Sub-Menu

To check that the users have been pushed from Device Manager to the punch device:

  1. Press on the User Mgt. icon on the top-left of the main menu.

  2. User Mgt. gives you 3 options: New User, All Users, and Display Style. Select All Users to check the details of all the users synced on the device.

Enrol an Employee's Biometrics

You can check if a user has any biometrics, passwords or cards enrolled via the 'Edit' sub-menu when tapping on the user.

  1. Go to the main menu, select User Mgt. and then All Users to see the full list of users on your device.

  2. Tap on the employee whose biometrics you wish to enrol.

  3. You will be prompted with 'Edit' and 'Delete' options. Press 'Edit' to be able to amend the employee's settings on screen.

  4. Here you will be able to enrol palm and face biometrics, or set a passcode or a card. Tap on the verification method you'd like to update.

Enrolling a user's palm biometrics

  1. Tap on 'Palm' in the user's Edit menu.

  2. Hold up your hand with your palm facing the device, and follow the instructions on the display screen.

Enrolling a user's facial biometrics

  1. In the user's Edit menu, select 'Face'.

  2. Look at the device, making sure to follow the instructions on the screen.

Setting a password

  1. Tap on 'Password' in the user's 'Edit' menu.

  2. In the Password screen, enter the password to be used. Enter it a second time and tap OK to save.

Enrolling a card

  1. In the user's Edit menu, tap on 'Card Number'. This will take you to the 'Enroll Card Number' screen, where you can choose from the card or QR code methods.

  2. Via Card: tap the Card button, then swipe your card.

  3. Via QR Code: tap the QR Code button, then hold your QR code up in front of the camera.

Deleting a User or their Information from the Device

To delete a user, or their biometrics or other verification information, from your SpeedFace device:

  1. In the main menu, tap User Mgt. followed by All Users.

  2. Tap the employee required from the list in the All Users screen.

  3. This will take you to a screen showing two options: Edit and Delete. Tap on Delete.

  4. You will see a list of options: Delete User, Delete Face Only, Delete Password Only, Delete Card Number Only, Delete Palm Only. Tap on the one you need to delete.


  • Deleting a user from the device will not delete them from Device Manager!

  • ​If a user profile has only one biometric saved, selecting Delete for that biometric will prompt the warning: 'User has no other data enrolled, continue to delete?' with the options of OK and Cancel. Pressing OK will delete the biometric data. The user will no longer be able to clock in or out using the device until at least one biometric, password or card are enrolled again.

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