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Assign & Setup Pay Items to calculate Employee Gross Pay

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What are Employee Pay Items?

Employee Pay Items allows you to assign and configure pay items set up in Pay Items to an employee. 

What are Employee Pay Items used for?

Employee Pay Items are used during payroll calculation to work out the Gross pay employees are entitled to.

Adding a new Employee Pay Item

To create a new Employee Pay Item, first, highlight the employee you would like to add a Pay Item for, then click on Pay Items followed by the Insert icon.

  • Pay item: Select the pay item being allocated to the employee. Pay Items are set up in the Pay Items screen which can be found here.

  • Amount: Total value amount in Euros of pay item per payroll period.

  • Number of Contributions: The number of pay items to be contributed in one payroll period.

  • Amount calculation setting: Choose when and how pay amount is set.

  • Contribution calculation setting: Choose when and how the number of contributions is set.

  • Start Date: Date from which pay item is applicable.

  • End Date: Date until which pay item is applicable.

  • External reference: When pay item relates to a third party entity, enter any required reference here. 

Please note if you want the pay item to be a recurring, or indefinite, pay item, leave the start and end dates blank.

Once ready, click on the Save icon to commit changes.

Editing an existing Employee Pay Item

To edit an existing employee pay item, highlight the pay item by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting an Employee Pay Item

To delete an existing employee pay item, highlight the pay item and click on delete.

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