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Configure Employee Pay Tax Related Adjustments

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What is Employee Tax?

Employee Tax Details allows you to configure a number of tax-related adjustments.

What is Employee Tax used for?

Employee Tax is used to configure the following tax adjustments;

Tax Credits: Tax credits are tax monies due to the employee, usually paid within a specific timeframe. Tax credits owed to an employee can be entered here for automatic deductions from tax due.

Tax Arrears: Tax in arrears to be paid in installments. Installment value is deducted from post-tax pay.

Adding new Employee Tax Details

To create a new Tax Detail, first, highlight the employee you would like to add a Tax Detail for, then click on Tax followed by the Insert icon.

Employee Tax Credit

Credit amount: The value in tax credits employee is entitled to.

Start Date: Date from which employee is to receive this tax credit.

End Date: Date until which employee is to receive this tax credit.

Pending credit balance: Tax credit balance due to the employee.

Employee Tax Arrear

Tax arrears expiry date: End date for tax arrears recurring payments.

Tax arrears instalment value: The value to be deducted as tax arrears in each payroll period.

Once ready, click on the Save icon to commit changes.

Editing an existing Tax Detail

To edit an existing tax detail, highlight the detail by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting an existing Tax Detail

To delete an existing tax detail highlight the detail and click on delete.

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