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Configure Leave Approvers

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The Organisation Chart can be accessed from the Payroll tab.

The Organisation chart offers a visual representation of leave approvers and the relationship to their peers.

Each employee can be added to the Organisation Chart as a manager and/or reportee with higher-level positions acting as approvers to the lower grades. Each different colour represents a different department within the company, which colours are automatically assigned by Indigo Payroll when creating new Departments.

To add an employee to the Organisation Chart: 

  1. Find the required approver.

  2. Click on their entry once to expand into a full icon.

  3. Next, search for the employee you would like to add in the left-hand prompt.

  4. Then click and drag the employee to the approver icon and let go. This will sort the employee at one level lower than the approver, indicating that the approver can now approve the employee's leave.

  5. Once ready, click Save to commit all changes.

The video below provides a full run-through of the organisation chart:

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