Set up New Banks to pay Employees

Configure Different Banks to Prepare Payments from Indigo Payroll such as Revolut for your Employees

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What is the Banks function in Indigo Payroll?

Banks allows you to set up and register bank information in Indigo.

What is the Banks function used for?

Banks allows you to prepare payments from Indigo Payroll that can be effected to any Euro-currency-based bank accounts with an IBAN.

Adding new Banks

To add a new bank, click on Banks, and in the Banks tab click on the Insert icon.

Fill in the following fields for the new bank entry:

  • Code: An internal code for the bank

  • Description: A description of the bank such as the bank's name.

  • BIC Code: The bank's BIC, Business Identifier Code (or SWIFT code)

  • SEPA file type: This is mandatory only for the Company Bank Account so the system can process the file in the correct format required by the bank. If you are adding a new bank for an employee, you can leave this field blank. The direct credit payment method will work normally when sending payment to banks without a SEPA File Type.

Once ready, click on the Save icon to commit changes.

Editing an existing Bank

To edit an existing bank, highlight the bank by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting an existing Bank

To delete an existing bank, highlight the bank and click on delete.

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