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List all Countries and Nationalities throughout Indigo HR

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Adding, editing and deleting Countries in Indigo Suite

Countries list all the countries and nationalities used throughout Indigo Suite

  1. Countries are configured in HR > Employee Setup > Countries.

  2. To add a new countries group, click the Insert icon.

  3. Type in the information described below.

  4. Once ready, click Save to commit changes.

To edit an existing country, highlight the country by clicking once on the respective row and click Edit.

To delete an existing country highlight the country and click Delete.

Required Information for Countries

  • ISO Code: The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 is a two-letter code assigned to each country by the International Standards Organisation

  • Flag: The country’s flag. This is automatically populated when entering the relevant ISO code

  • Name: The country name

  • EU: Check this box if the country is an existing EU member

  • Nationality: Nationality of a person belonging to this country

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