Set up New Occupations

List all Available Positions within the Company

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What are Occupations?

Occupations list all of the available positions within the company.

They can be assigned to employees whose details have been registered in Indigo HR. Occupations are used for reporting purposes and do not affect pay or any other Pay Items.

Adding a new Occupation

Occupations are configured from HR > Employee Setup > Occupations.

To add an occupation, click Insert.

  • Code: A unique reference code for the position

  • Description: A description of the occupation 

Once ready, click on the Save icon. Occupations can be assigned to employees from the Employees screen.

Editing Existing Occupations

To edit existing Occupations, highlight the occupation by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting Existing Occupations

To delete existing Occupations highlight the occupations and click on delete.

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