Set up Reasons for Termination
Add a Reason for Termination at the end of an Employee's Employment
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What are Reasons for termination?

Reasons for termination lists reasons why an employee's employment has been terminated

What are Reasons for Termination used for?

Reasons for Termination are used at the end of an employee's employment with the company providing a reason as to why employment has ceased. This information is used for informational and statistical purposes only.

Adding new Reasons for Termination

To create a new termination reason, click on Reasons for Termination from the Main Screen followed by the Insert icon.

  • Code: A unique code for the termination reason.

  • Reason: The termination reason.

  • Voluntary: Check box if this is a voluntary termination reason.

Once ready, click on the Save icon to commit changes.

Editing existing Reasons for Termination

To edit existing Reasons for Termination, highlight the reason by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting existing Reasons for Termination

To delete an existing Reasons for Termination highlight the reason and click on delete.


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