Payrolls is the process through which Shireburn Indigo Payroll runs the payroll process, working out wages and issuing the payment file which is sent to the bank. To successfully accomplish this, Shireburn Indigo Payroll uses employee and support files and as such, it is very important to ensure all employees have been configured with the correct Support Files.

To get started, from the Payroll tab, click on the "Payrolls" icon.

Here you can view existing payrolls. To set up a new payroll. click on the Insert icon.

Setting up the Payroll*

The payroll is set up from the Payrolls screen defining the period it is covering as well as any variables relevant to that payroll.

*Setting up the payroll does not start the calculation, but rather sets up the actual roll which we will be working the calculation on.

  • Code: A unique code for this roll

  • Year: The year during which this roll is run

  • Month: The month during which this roll is run

  • Description: A short description of the roll

  • Frequency: Select the payroll term for this run. Only employees with matching payroll frequency will be included in the run.

  • Date From: Date from which this payroll runs for employees receiving a salary. 

  • Date To: Date until which this payroll runs for employees receiving a salary.

  • Basic Hours input from: Date from which basic hours are included in payroll run for non-fulltime employees.

  • Basic Hours input to: Date until which basic hours are included in payroll run for non-fulltime employees.

  • Split On: When running an advance payroll, select the day on which the payroll run is to be split.

  • Pay Date: Date on which payroll payment is to reach recipients.

  • Extra days: If this payroll includes any number of days over and above the current payroll period, enter here. Extra Days allows you to add or deduct any number of days from a non-monthly payroll period. This helps adjust the total number of days to be paid in this payroll period to cover all days in the calendar year.

  • SSC contributions: Select the number of SSC contributions to be paid with this payroll run.

  • Finalised: Indicates a payroll as finalised.

  • Payslip Comments: Add any comments pertinent to this payroll run 

Once ready, click "Save."

Next, we will look at the Payroll Calculation Process.

If you need to Bulk Import Payroll Variables, including Global Pay Items, Basic Hour Weeks, Basic Hours, Overtime, Leave and Pay Items, click here.

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