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What is Payroll Calculation?

The payroll calculation process is how Shireburn Indigo HR gathers all the relevant payroll data and works out what is due to eligible employees.

Calculating the Payroll

Calculate All Employees calculates all employees whose Payroll Frequency matches the Frequency selected in the Payroll setup process. Any employees having a different Payroll Frequency are left out of the calculation process. To calculate the payroll of employees having a different Payroll Frequency, a separate payroll calculation process must be run independently, with the applicable Frequency.

The payroll calculation can also be run employee by employee. Whilst Calculate All Employees will calculate the payroll for all employees included in the same payroll, Calculate Selected Employees is beneficial should you need to make amendments to any one employee.

Once the payroll is calculated, you can view the associated payslips and confirm that all is in order. To make any changes, first, delete the calculation (either for any individual(s) or for all employees) using the buttons below and re-calculate once the changes have been rectified. 

You can preview how pay was calculated by clicking on the i button next to a field in the payslip panel.

Missed adding Overtime or Leave? See our guide here.

Should you require to make any modifications, you can delete the entire calculation using the Delete All Employees Calculation button

For any specific employee by highlighting the employee and clicking on the Delete Selected Employees Calculation button.

Finalising the Payroll

Once ready, click on Finalise Roll to finalise payroll.

Once the payroll is finalised, you will be able to issue payslips, direct credits file and FS5 using the menu. You can also unfinalise the payroll or run a finalisation audit.


Payslips are automatically generated by Indigo Payroll during the Finalisation phase, and can either be printed or automatically sent via email. More detailed information about Generating Payslips can be found here.

Direct Credits

Indigo Payroll automatically generates a Direct Credits file which can be uploaded to your bank for eventual fund transfers. To create a new direct credit run, click on the Direct Credits icon, and click the Generate and Download Direct Credits.


To generate the payroll's FS5, click the FS5 icon and then Generate.  Next, click on Preview to open the file in a new tab where you can save it as PDF and directly print it to a connected printer.

Unfinalise Roll

To unfinalise a roll, click the Unfinalise Roll icon and confirm in the Unfinalise Roll window.

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