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Accessing Online Help & Wizards
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Shireburn Indigo offers various ways to help you make the best use of the software. From online help that ensures you always have the latest documentation version to hand-holding wizards that walk you through common Shireburn Indigo tasks, we are always looking for new and interactive ways to make your job easier.

Accessing Online Help

Shireburn Indigo uses an on-line library system to host all of its help documentation. This allows all documents to be updated in real-time, ensuring you have the latest version every time -

Help can be accessed from any screen using the help button located at the top-right corner of your screen, right next to your profile image. Click the Help icon as shown below to access Shireburn Indigo’s online help documentation.

You can also Suggest a Feature from this area.


Wizards are a new help technology being rolled out within Shireburn Indigo. Wizards use a focus system to automatically guide you through specific processes by highlighting the areas that require your immediate attention, moving along the process as you complete each individual task. Wizards are accessible through the Wizards icon available on select Shireburn Indigo screens.


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