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How do I Pay Off/Write Off Leave Entitlement Globally?
How do I Pay Off/Write Off Leave Entitlement Globally?

Paying Off Leave Entitlement using the Global Leave Write Off/Pay Off Utility

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While there is no way to do this single-handedly with the click of a button, the Global Leave Write-Off/Pay Off Utility can be used. The utility can be found in the Payrolls tab, in the bottom Utilities section.

NOTE:  With this method, you cannot pay off a single employee's leave. To do so, it is recommended that you manually calculate this payoff, and pay it off as an adjustment in the payroll.

After clicking on the utility, you will then be required to:

  • Input the leave type that you would like to payoff, along with;

  • The number of hours that you would like to keep (say you want to leave each employee with 8 hours of leave, you would input '8' - if you want to pay-off ALL the leave, this value should be left as '0');

  • Write Off or Pay Off the remaining leave (in this case you would select Pay Off); and

  • Select in which roll you would like to Pay Off the leave.

When clicking 'Next' the following screen allows you to make modifications to individual employees. Say for instance an employee has requested to keep 40 hours of leave instead of the standard 8 hours that you set for all employees.

As shown in the orange box in the screenshot below, the employee's 'Hours to Keep' were changed to 40. Clicking anywhere else re-calculates his 'Hours to Pay-Off.'

If you are unhappy with any changes in this screen, you can 'Reset Data' (green box in the screenshot below) and this will reset the data to what it was prior to any edits in this screen.

'Back' (red box) will take you back to the previous screen.

'Process' (blue box) will process the data in the current screen.

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