26th February 2024 | Add managers to performance reviews, respond to reviews across companies; more employee details in Skills & Training, and more

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Hello readers!

This week's update has been condensed and compacted while we gear up for some big additions.

Among other improvements, we have enhanced the appraisal process in Performance Management by making it possible for managers to be assigned to reviews. Additionally, cross-company review assignments are now possible, allowing employees to respond to reviews from managers in different companies.

In Skills & Training, we’ve enriched the Employee Details widget with more comprehensive information. This provides you with a more detailed overview of your employees’ skills and training records while enabling you to make informed decisions.

Payroll users will find the process of generating the Direct Credits file for Lidion Bank more intuitive. An alert will prompt you should your BIC not contain the standard 11 characters, along with instructions to fix it.

In Device Manager, as soon as an employee’s start date arrives, their pre-set device profile will be automatically deployed.

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Platform Fixes and Improvements

  • New users can update their mobile number for multi-factor verification and then log in, as expected.

HR Enhancements

Skills & Training

  • We have included more fields in the Employee Details widget in the Skills & Training Employee dashboard, such as: Employment Date, Nationality, Location, Section, Unit, Grade, Academic Level.

Performance Management Enhancements

  • Indigo will stop the user if short and long form answers to a Review are empty or over the respective character limit.

  • We have added a field for 'Manager' to the Start Review drawer so that you can choose which manager to assign to a review.

Performance Management Fixes and Improvements

  • A performance review's status is automatically updated to 'In Progress' when the reviewer or employee make changes without publishing it.

  • It is now possible to assign reviews to employees in a different company, as well as for employees to answer reviews assigned by a manager in a different company.

Payroll & Leave Enhancements

  • When generating the Direct Credits file for Lidion Bank, if your BIC does not contain 11 characters, Indigo will alert you - along with instructions to help you fix it.

Payroll & Leave Fixes and Improvements

  • Published payslips will now have an updated tooltip showing 'Success' and that the payslip will be sent to the employee's email.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

Device Manager

  • Now, pre-created device users will be sent to the device automatically when their employment date rolls around - you don't have to do a thing.

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