7th March 2024 | Work anniversary notification; Column Selector tool in Skills & Training; Advanced Scheduler filtering, and more

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Hello readers,

Another fortnight, another update, and this one comes fully packed with enhancements across the board.

In HR, we've made it easier for management to remember who of their employees have their anniversaries coming up, with a handy work anniversary notification added to our growing lineup, accessed from the HR Settings menu.

Welcome aboard to the Column Selector tool, now available in Skills & Training! It has been optimised for the My Team, All Employees, and Import-Export sections.

Performance Management, Payroll & Leave, and Attendance have all received recent enhancements.

New columns have been added to the grids in Performance's My Team and Employee grids, while Payroll & Leave users can enjoy an enhanced BOV SEPA file configuration. The Scheduler in Attendance now supports advanced filtering.

Check all of these and more in the full overview below! ⬇️

HR Enhancements

  • A new notification setting, Employee Anniversary Email Notification, has been added under HR > Employee Settings.

    • When set up, the system will issue a weekly email to management notifying them of employees celebrating their work anniversary that week.

    • This email will be sent based on the Reference Date setting

Skills & Training

  • We have added a new set of notifications that the user can set up for Skills and Certifications. Now, users can receive timely updates on various statuses, including ongoing, pending, and finished tasks.

  • We’ve introduced the Column Selector tool to the grids in the My Team, All Employees, and Import-Export sections.

    • With this tool you can customise which columns are displayed in the grid view. Start by clicking the gear ⚙️ button on the right side of the section title header, above the grid, then tick or untick the columns as desired.

HR Fixes and Improvements

  • Recurring adjustments are being displayed appropriately in the Employee Details report.

Onboarding & Offboarding

  • The task card now shows the correct employment date, as intended.

Skills & Training

  • In System Skills, the user can allocate skills used at least once by a company to multiple employees simultaneously using a new, dedicated support file.

  • The Reports To field is displayed as intended in the Employee Details widget.

  • In Certifications, the Completion Status field is now re-set when the completion date is removed entirely.

Performance Management Enhancements

  • In the email sent to managers concerning appraisals for their employees, the Employee Code column has been replaced by the Employee column, displaying the employees' full name instead of their code.

  • New columns have been added to the employees grids:

    • In the My Team and Employees screen, a column has been added to display the status of the review.

    • A Finalised Date column has been added to the grids for past reviews.

  • A new check in the employee grids prevents managers from using the nudge feature more than once per day for the same employee, reducing email spam.

Performance Management Fixes and Improvements

  • HR managers can access answers to all confidential questions, except when reviewing their own appraisals.

  • Also when reviewing appraisals, turning off the view for confidential questions now instantly hides them, without triggering a confirmation modal.

  • In Templates, when the user enables a manager version of the question they are adding to the template, the description content of the original version is copied and pasted to the new version.

Payroll & Leave Enhancements

  • We have optimised the BOV SEPA file's Payment Information ID (PmtInfId) to address issues encountered by users when generating direct credits.

Payroll & Leave Fixes and Improvements

  • Users entitled to Sick Full Pay (SFP) can apply for sick leave without being interrupted by an incorrect error.

  • In Payroll Calculations, hovering over the delivery status symbols of generated payslips will display more information.

Attendance Enhancements


  • Advanced filtering is now supported in the Scheduler:

    • A new button has been added to the top-right corner of the scheduler, highlighted below.

    • Clicking it opens a modal with a number of filter options which are determined by the employee's columns on the left.

    • The user can tick the required filters, followed by Apply, or click Live Filtering to instantly update the data displayed. Note: the user can tick as many checkboxes as needed, from any category.

      • Clicking Reset will restore the view to the original display.

Device Manager

  • Auditing is now supported by Device Manager! The Device Manager Audit will be including auditing on the following tables:

    • Device

    • Device_Activity

    • Device_Manager_Setting

    • Device_User

    • Device_User_Biometric

    • Device_User_Employee

    • Device_User_WorkZone

    • Device_Work_Zone

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • Shift presets can be deleted as normal, as long as they are not presently in use in the Scheduler.

Device Manager

  • Terminated employees are automatically removed from the Device Manager by the system once their termination date is set to a past date.

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