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Enabling Earned Leave in Indigo
Enabling Earned Leave in Indigo
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Enabling Earned Leave

With Earned Leave, you will be able to make salaried employees' leave balance available to them month by month, based on the actual time they have worked as well as their yearly entitlement.

Step 1: Enable Earned Leave across the Company

  1. Go to Payroll & Leave > Settings > Payroll > Leave.

  2. Click Edit and tick 'Enable Earned Leave'.

  3. Click Save.

Step 2: Enable Earned Leave by Leave Type

  1. Go to Payroll & Leave > Leave Entitlement Profiles.

  2. Click on the Hours tab.

  3. Find the vacation leave type needed, highlight it and click Edit.

  4. You will see several new columns in the grid: Earned Leave Control, Earned Leave Per Month (FTE), Grace Hours (FTE), Include Public Holidays, and Annual Leave Hours.

  5. Click on the entry's dropdown for 'Earned Leave Control'.

    This will show 3 options:

    1. No Earned Leave Control: the leave type will not have any earned leave.

    2. Earned Leave Controlled by Authoriser: employees can apply for as much leave as they want, but the Authoriser will receive a warning when the employee has gone over their earned leave.

    3. Restricted: employees will not be able to apply for leave over and above their earned leave allowance.

  6. Select the option you need and click Save.

Columns related to Earned Leave in Leave Entitlement Profiles' Hours tab

  • Earned Leave Per Month (FTE): the number of leave hours the employee is entitled to per month. This is based on their total annual leave hours. This is automatically calculated by Indigo based on the employees' Annual Leave Hours. (Remember that those starting employment in the same year will have leave hours calculated from their employment month and not from January.)

  • Grace Hours (FTE): this is used to let your employees apply for a few hours more than their Earned Leave. If, for example, you set Grace Hours as 24, and an employee applies for 1 week (40 hours) in January, they will be able to apply for that leave and use up their grace hours for the year (16 earned leave + 24 grace hours). They will not have any more grace hours for the rest of the year.

  • Include Public Holidays: if ticked, when a public holiday falls on a weekend then the balance for that holiday will be added to the employees' allowance from the day after the holiday has passed.

  • Annual Leave Hours: this shows the employee's total leave hours for the year, which are automatically calculated by the system.

Step 3: Enable Earned Leave for Employees

You can turn on Earned Leave for your employees individually or in bulk.

Individual Employee

  1. Go to HR > Employees.

  2. Highlight the employee and click Edit.

  3. Scroll down to their Leave Details section and tick 'Has Earned Leave'.

  4. Click Save.

Multiple Employees

  1. Go to HR > Employees.

  2. Click on Export to open the Export Employees modal.

  3. Under 'Column Selector', make sure Code, Fullname and HasEarnedLeave are selected, then press Export.

  4. The data spreadsheet will download in your browser. Open it, enable editing and under the 'HasEarnedLeave' column, change all entries to TRUE. Make sure to save the changes.

  5. Go back to Indigo and click the Import button to open the Import Employees modal.

  6. Upload the file to the modal and press Import.

Earned Leave is now activated for your company.

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