26th June 2017


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  • Added support for Polish IBAN Numbers

  • Added option to import FS5 records separately during migration


  • Sickness benefits calculation : the system was not taking into account when an employee consumes all his sick full pay leave and starts using the sick half pay. We are now taking into account this scenario and creating a sickness benefit with a new value which is the average of  the sick full pay and the sick half pay benefit.

  • Calculation employee list : Fixed an issue whereby when an employee was not showing in the calculation employee list if he/she was terminated between the basic hours date to and the roll date to. 

  • Flexible part timers calculation : Fixed error message when a part timer had a form of income which is non taxable.

  • FS5 Payer PE number : System was not re fetching the payer PE number from the company details when the user re generates an FS5.

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