Shireburn Indigo Payroll does not require an End of Year process - This means there will be no closing off for previous years and all data can still be easily accessed.

Shireburn will take care to update your Indigo Payroll with the new rates for 2020:

  • Social Security Contribution Rates
  • Short Term Benefits

Be sure to check out other important new year processes in the links at the bottom of this article.

What you need to do

Our recommended task is to switch to 2020 by following these three steps:

1. Go to "Settings" in the Payroll tab

2. Go to "General Settings" under the Payroll tab

The current year (2019) is listed and the "New Payroll Year" button is available next to it. Once this is pressed, the system will switch the year to the next one (This is done by incrementing the current year by 1).

3. Click the "New Payroll Year" button, and confirm.

You are now set to start working on payrolls for 2020! The switch performs the following actions:

  • The employee list will be filtered by active this year - Toggle the filters to show all employees by following the instructions here.
  • The leave transaction screen will only show leave related to 2020- This view can also be toggled to show all leave, using system filters as in the point above.
  • Payrolls now show 2020 rolls, hence should be blank - This view can also be toggled and you can still check and re-print old payslips and FS5s.

Warning: Do not create staff employees starting in 2020 before you switch, because of auto allocation of pro-rata leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I give new year entitlements to all employees? - Leave entitlements for all employees can be generated using the "Global Leave Entitlements Utility." Vacation Leave 2020 can be generated for all employees and can be done in pro-rata for employees who work on reduced hour basis. This should be also done for Sick Full Pay 2020. The system will disable pro-rata leave entitlement for 2019 and will switch pro-rata leave entitlement for 2020 leave types.

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