What are Tax Profiles?

Tax profiles are IRD-set, tax components that affect how taxes are deducted from an employee's taxable income.

What are Tax Profiles used for?

Tax Profiles are used to work out the effective tax rate an employee is levied based on income and time period.

Adding a new Tax Profile

To set a new tax profile, click on Tax Profiles from the main screen then click on the Add icon and fill in the required fields;

  • Tax profile: Enter a name for the tax profile being created.
  • Tax profile description: Enter a description for the tax profile being created.
  • FSS Status:  From the drop down menu select whether the profile is applicable for FSS Main or FSS Part Time.
  • Code: A unique code for this tax rate.
  • Date From: The date from which this rate applies. This is usually set to the beginning of the year.
  • Date To: The date until which this rate applies. 
  • Range From: Minimum amount an employee needs to earn for this tax rate to apply. Subtract amount is deducted before tax rate percentage is applied.
  • Range To: Maximum amount an employee needs to earn for this tax rate to apply.
  • Tax rate %: The percentage to be deducted as tax for pay falling within this band.
  • Subtract: Amount to be deducted from projected annual gross before Tax rate % is applied
  • Show as Part time: Select if earnings using this rate should be listed as part-time emoluments in FSS documents

Once ready, click on the Save icon to commit changes. 

Editing an existing Tax Profile

To edit an existing tax profile, highlight the profile by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting an existing Tax Profile

To delete an existing tax profile highlight the profile and click on delete.


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