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Delete an FS5 for a Specific Month
Delete an FS5 for a Specific Month

Delete an FS5 to Generate it again correctly

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Once an FS5 is generated, the period for which it was generated cannot be changed. A situation may arise in which the period must be changed due to mismatch that occurs when generating FS5s for payrolls with different periods.

Regenerating will only allow changes to payment and receipt details. To make full amendments, the FS5 must be deleted and generated again.

To change the period, from the "Payroll" tab, first, go the roll for which you would like to make amendments to the FS5.

Click on "FS5" at the bottom right side of the screen.

The "Delete" button is located in the Payment Details section.

Upon clicking "Delete," you will be asked for confirmation. Once deleted, the "Regenerate" button will change to "Generate," and amendments can be made to the "Period" section as necessary. After making amendments, you can then generate the FS5 again.


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