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Adding remarks to all or individual payslips within a payroll period
Creating a Direct Credit test file
Bulk Import of Overtime Entries
Delete an FS5 for a Specific Month
Download all the Payslips for a Payroll as a Zip File
How to Reverse a Leave Pay-off
How can I change the default email address where payslips are delivered?
How can I pay an employee twice a year, instead of monthly?
How can I see if a Pay Item in a calculation is recurring or has been manually inputted?
How do I Change the Number of Social Security Contributions of one Employee for a Particular Calculation?
How do I Delete a Calculation for a Single Employee?
How do I Enter an Adjustment to be Included in an Employee's Calculation, AFTER I Finalised Calculation?
How do I Finalise a Payroll?
How do I issue an FS3?
How do I issue an FS5?
How do I Issue an FS7?
How do I Refresh an Employee's Calculation?
How does the system calculate the hours of a new / terminated employee?
How to Export a Detailed Payroll Report to Excel
How to pay using Direct Credits
How to setup Password Protected Email Attached Payslips
I've completed a payroll but I forgot to save the employee payslips. How can I get them without unfinalising and recalculating?
I Updated the Employee's Basic Pay AFTER Calculation, how do I Refresh his Calculations?
I cannot finalise a payroll because there are terminated employees on the roll. How do I fix this?
Printing employee payslips and FS3s from the Payroll History tab
Setting Up the Company Payment Bank Account for Direct Credits
Uploading your company logo or employer signature on documents
What is the difference between Date From/To and Post From/To when creating a Payroll?