'System Calendars' can be accessed from the Calendar tab. All available calendars in the system are viewed here.

The smart search bar on the right side of the screen can be used to search calendar entries by various criteria.

The system will only search for selected calendars, and will not display those hidden. 

To hide or show a calendar, click on its empty or coloured box on the left side of the screen.

Ticking the "Across Companies?" checkbox will search across all the companies under your tenant.

Below are some search examples:

  • Department - Searching for "Administration" will display calendar entries for employees from the administration department.

  • Occupation - Searching for "Manager" will display calendar entries for employees that have the word "Manager" in their occupation description.

Combinations of the above:

  • Searching for "Administration Manager" will display calendar entries for all managers in the administration department.

  • Searching for "Administration Sick" will display calendar entries for the administration department, but for sick leave only.

  • Searching for ""John Borg" Sick" will display calendar entries for employees named "John Borg" that contain sick leave. Employee search can also be done by Employee Code. It is important to note that you must input "John Borg" (enclosed in the quotation marks) to search for employees named John Borg. Without the quotation marks, the system will search for employees that have John and Borg anywhere in the record.

You can search for the following criteria in the search bar:

  • By Calendar Event - Name & Description

  • By Department, Grade, Section, Unit, Occupation and Cost Centre - Both the Code and the Description can be used here

  • By Employee - Code, Name, Surname, Middle Name, Full Name

  • By Leave - Type, Code and Description

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