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Indigo Users

  • Full customised Password Complexity Policy - Minimum Length , Minimum Uppercase , Minimum Lowercase , Minimum Digits , Minimum Symbols , Disallowed Words

  • Password Repeat Usage Policy - User cannot use the last x number of passwords used

  • Password Expiry Policy - Password will expire after number of days 

  • Force user/users to change own passwords - System will ask user to change password with next login

  • Locking of user account

  • User record filters for Employee - Can set filters on any field on the employee

  • Two factor authentication using sms or email - Either personal choice or company policy

Roles & Permissions 

  • All Functions and screens are tied to either a role or a permission or both 

  • Permissions are organised in groups and allocated to a user


  • Every successful/unsuccessful login in the system is audited

  • Every URL visited in the system is audited

  • Every record in the system maintains the created on, created by , modified on , modified by

  • Sensitive information such as Employees & Payroll Calculations are audited when changed or deleted.


  • We use OAuth Standard to safely allow authenticated access to the Indigo system. It is how we permit users to access their accounts through third-party applications.

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