Comparing Employee Salary Packages

Compare Employee Salary Packages

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This feature allows you to compare salary packages of multiple employees. Packages can be compared using different periods of time (for example, weekly, monthly or yearly).

When selecting yearly, for example, the system will calculate packages of the selected employees on a yearly basis, regardless of whether the employees work different hours per week, different weeks, have different entitlements, etc.

This ensures that fair comparisons are made, and comparisons are made on equal grounds.

This feature can be accessed from Employee Screen.

Select multiple Employees (that you wish to compare) using the checkboxes to the left, and then clicking on the "Employee Salary Package" button. The order by which the checkboxes are ticked is maintained when the new screen is loaded.

A comparison screen will then show up with the selected Employees' packages. The period of time can be changed from the left hand side, and will calculate packages according to that period of time. Hourly rates are not supported.

An employee with a different coloured background means that the employee does not work the full time equivalent, and his package was calculated to match the full time equivalent for the period of time selected. (eg : Wonder Woman & Woody Woodpecker in the screenshot above)

Hovering over different items will show what the item is made up of.

The date can also be changed for each employee, to cater for any basic pay item changes. The package comparison tool includes all recurring benefits and adjustments which occur on the selected date and also works out the prorata bonus for the frequency (Yearly,Monthly...) selected. 

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