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Bulk Upload of Employee Attachments
Bulk Upload of Employee Attachments

Uploading Employee Attachments in Bulk

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This feature allows for the bulk uploading of employee attachments using a ZIP file.

The ZIP file has a structure which must be followed for the process to succeed. The following are some things which need to be noted beforehand:

  • Not all file types can be uploaded. The restricted file types are listed here.

  • Should you have multiple companies on Indigo, files uploaded to a particular company are only available on that company. If you would like a file to be available over multiple companies, you would need to upload the ZIP file for each company with the appropriate employee codes.

Folders within the ZIP file must be named according to the corresponding EMPLOYEE CODE. Each folder will then contain the employee's attachments.

Files inside each folder will be uploaded to the respective employee's portal, and will be private by default. Files can be made public by adding the "[public]" tag to the filename, which upon upload, will be removed from the name.

  1. Go to HR > Main > Employees.


  2. Click on the Bulk Upload - Employee Attachments button in the toolbar.

  3. Next, click to upload your ZIP file.

  4. Once ready, click on the Upload button.

Files for an employee can be modified on the employee's settings page. The unlocked padlock icon indicates that the file is PUBLIC.

The locked padlock icon indicates that the file is PRIVATE.

Clicking on the padlock icon will toggle its privacy setting, while the trashcan icon will delete the file.

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