25th February 2018

Indigo | Cheque Printing Module, VOPS, FS5 signature, Head Count Report, Employee Code

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  • New Module - The Cheque Printing Module is available as an additional purchase, click here to see more information about it.

  • Support for Voluntary Occupation Pension Schemes - Click here to view the VOPS process.

  • FS5 Signature - The principal's signature is now included with each FS5.

  • Head Count Report - Included 'Date as at' field to allow a Head Count Report for a given date. Leaving this field empty will produce the report for today's date.

  • Added support for Employee Code in Employee Full Name formula.


  • Pro-Rata Leave Entitlement - Click here.

  • Leave Accruals Report was including cancelled leave in the Accumulated column.

  • FS3 text overlapping.

  • Electronic Lodgement fixes.

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