1st July 2018

Indigo | Direct Credits, Pay Item Multiplier, Payroll Report

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  • Direct credits support for ME Direct Bank.

  • Increased decimal places to 4 in pay item multiplier to support Sales Commission of 0.5%.

  • Included share options in the Payroll Report.


  • Changed our JS file bundling methodology to improve page load.


  • Fixed issue with Union/Deduction Report when user uses the same recurring pay item in the same pay period.

  • Renewal Email notification to include tenant name.

  • Removed 'No work period' function as it is not being used any more.

  • Fixed issue with Employee bulk uploads.

  • Import of Attendance Data from file now supports date format specified in the company settings.

  • Fixed issue with not sending CC email when approving leave.

  • Part-timers tax deductions was not switching from 15% to 25% as the calculation was working on the annual projected gross instead of current pay period payment.

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