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How Statutory Bonus is set up and paid for persons working less than full time hours
How Statutory Bonus is set up and paid for persons working less than full time hours
An information process of how bonus is being paid for irregular hours and how to troubleshoot messages from the system
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Bonus for persons working less than full time hours is calculated according to the setting set in the Employment Type. If this is set to pro-rata bonus the system will calculate it according to the number of hours worked.


The hours worked are collected according to the settings set in the Statutory Bonus tab specifically to part timers. In order to access it go in Payroll Setup section > Statutory Bonuses > Part Time Dates

According to the bonus selected one will find the collection dates which will be paid for that particular bonus according to the payroll frequency. The system will collect data relating to basic hours and any leave or sick entered during that period.

These dates will come into effect when one creates the payrolls. If the 'Post To' in the roll setup is the same as 'PT date to' there is no problem in that. But if these are different and one calculates the payroll for an employee the following remark will be given in the remarks of the calculation.

This remark can be removed if one changes the 'PT date to' to be as the back dated dates set in payroll. This needs to be done for every bonus if payroll allowances are always paid back dated. Obviously the 'PT date from' will also need to be changed to the next day after the last day set in the previous bonus. 

If these are not set as such, the employee might not be paid for the hours inputted between the Post to set in payroll and the PT date to in Part time bonus dates as these will not be collected with any of the payrolls.


Opposite to full time employees, person working less than full time hours are paid pro rata for the last three months (as set in the collection dates explained above) multiplied by the hours worked in the same period.

The system calculates the amount of bonus that an employee will be paid for a whole year and it will divide it by the number of full time hours for the same year.

eg. Total Bonus = € 121.16 + € 135.10 + € 121.16 + € 135.10 = € 512.52
Total working hours = 40hrs x 52weeks = 2080hrs

€512.52 / 2080 = €0.25 per hour

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