In Indigo, employees can be paid either manually (being cash or a written cheque), Direct Credits (Indigo creates you a file and you upload it to the bank) or Cheque Printing (a specified module added only upon request for A4 cheque printing).

In this article we will be focusing on how to pay and the process to take to pay an employee via direct credits.

In order to use this facility, you as a payroll administrator must ensure that the following are all correctly set up according to the agreement you may have reached with the bank.

  1. From within Payroll > Main - Go to Settings > Payroll > Bank Accounts. In here you have to input the settings and information of the Company Bank Accounts.

  2. After this has been done you need to update the employee to be set to be paid by direct credits. This article will help you setting this.

  3. Once this is ready you can then go to payrolls and process the file as follows.

The Process
Once payroll has been finalised. The bottom right icons will change to the process you would want to take. The second icon adjacent to payslips (or third if you have cheque printing) is the direct credits Icon

Once you press it the system will prompt you to generate the file and it will also display the different banks you would have setup in the company bank accounts. This will also display the source IBAN from where the payrolls will be paid, the number of transactions, the amount being paid and when it will processed.

Once you agree to that you can then 'Generate and Download Direct Credits'.

Once this is ready the system will re direct you to another screen as per below, where you will have listed all the employees that will be paid by direct credits together with the net pays for all. 

On the side you will have the banks and the download icon that you need to download the file and send to the bank. Once you download it you will find that file in the default download folder of Chrome.

You can also Print the report (from the print all bottom right corner) that will show you how the payments will be split from the Bank accounts of the Company, paid in to the bank accounts of the employee as below.

Once ready you will need to close this menu from the 'x' button of the opened window. If you click on 'Close Run' you will actually delete this direct credits run and you will need to re-generate it.

If a payroll has been already calculated, and you have an employee who has changed his payment method and would want to include it in the current (already calculated) payroll, you would need to delete the calculation for that particular employee and re-calculate the employee to be included in the payroll. You would also need to Regenerate the Direct Credits.

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