Schedule an existing shift pattern for another employee

Assign an existing shift pattern to another employee in your Scheduler by typing in the first letters of the shifts

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Typing in an existing shift pattern to assign for another employee

  1. Go to an empty cell and type in [.

  2. Type the first letter or symbol of the shift pattern.

  3. Select the shift pattern from the list.

Shift patterns are annotated by a series of letters and symbols. For example, to assign the following shift pattern:

... type "[HHO]" in the cell.

If you want to offset the starting day of the shift pattern, tick the Offset start day box. This will allow you to choose which shift from within the shift pattern will be the start day for the employee. 

Below is an example of a three-day pattern which includes an off day: [SN_(1)].

After allocating shift patterns to your employees, you can

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