Ending a shift pattern for an employee

Learn how to end a shift pattern for an employee at any point in the year in your Scheduler

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You can end a shift pattern in 2 ways: individually, or for multiple employees at a time.

Ending a shift pattern for one employee

  1. In your Scheduler, find the employee and the shift pattern you want to end.

  2. Highlight the shift pattern, then click the three-dot menu.

  3. Click Clear pattern from this day onward.

Be sure that your Scheduler is viewing the appropriate week where you want the shift pattern to end.

Ending a shift pattern for multiple employees

  1. In the Scheduler, click on the File menu.

  2. Click on 'Clear multiple patterns' to bring up the below modal:

  3. Select the start date of the pattern you want to clear.

  4. Choose the employees for whom the pattern should be cleared.

  5. Click the 'Clear employees' button.

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